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Lutron Radio Ra 3

RadioRA 3 brings a contemporary light bar design to a full range of connected residential products—switches, keypads, and capacitive touch dimmers. The light bar’s soft glow makes it easy to locate the switch in the dark. The brightness of the light bar is adjustable, including the option to turn it off for rooms where you might want full darkness.  Let us help design and install your perfect NY NJ Lutron home.

Simply Beautiful.

Lutron Radio Ra 3 Sunnata Dimmer
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Lutron Radio Ra 3 Sunnata Keypad

RA 3 Dimmers and Keypads
for any Decor

RA 3 dimmers, switches, keypads and wallplates come in a full range of versatile colors and finishes—24 in all. It’s easier than ever to match any home décor, from contemporary to traditional and anything in between.

Modern White Kitchen

Lutron Lighting Control

  • New Processor

  • Control your lights with your phone, voice, or keypad; even do it remotely

  • Have a single button near the door that turns of all your lights

  • From the company that invented the dimmer

Lutron Radio Ra 3 Quality

  • Whether it's Lutron's PRO LED+ advanced technology for superior dimming, precise and durable motorized shades that move in near silent, perfect unison, or the creation of ClearConnect®, the gold standard in wireless technology, Lutron has been singularly focused on delivering the highest quality lighting control products for over 50 years. This obsession with quality is why Lutron is the #1 lighting control and motorized shading control brand with top home technology professionals.

Ra 3 Dimmer.jpg
Lutron Motorized Shades New Jersey NJ

Lutron Motorized Shades

  • RadioRA 3 connected lighting control by Lutron gives you powerful control over your lights, Lutron smart shades, and other smart home devices, all wrapped in a beautiful design that will complement any décor. So, you can effortlessly create a comfortable environment throughout your home with the app, voice assistant or a simple touch of your keypad.

Welcome Home to Peace of Mind

  • With a RadioRA 3 installation your family will always come back to a well-lit home. You can schedule lights inside and outside your home to come on at a specific time of day, even timing them around the rising or setting of the sun. The system will ensure the lights come on without fail and automatically adjust when the seasons change and you gain or lose an hour with daylight savings time.

  • With Lutron smart lighting controls and smart blinds, you can create the illusion you’re home, even when you’re not. Simply set your shades to close at sunset and then activate Vacation Mode in the Lutron app so your lights will turn on and off at different intervals throughout the evening.

Radio Ra 3 Home
Lutron Family Scene

Create the Perfect Scene

  • Simply schedule your Lutron smart blinds to close and your selected lights to dim on, based around the setting of the sun. RadioRA 3 knows the sun sets at a different time every day, so will automatically adjust the schedule so you always get privacy when you want it—without lifting a finger.

  • Getting out of the house has never been easier. With RA 3 you can turn off the lights, stop the music, and drop the shades all with one simple button push. Convenience has never felt or looked so good.

  • Get the perfect lighting for your home office or children’s study space. Use your voice assistant, app or smart remote to set the brightness of the lights and adjust the shades to get the right lighting, effortlessly.

Outdoor Lighting Control

  • Enjoy a smarter way to control your outdoor lights. Weatherproof and built to last, the RA3 Outdoor Plug-In Switch provides smart on/off control for plugged-in outdoor lights, as well as small pumps and motors. Now you can easily control exterior lights and small devices from inside your home. Elevate your smart home experience with seamless lighting control that extends comfort outside.

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