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The difference when you buy from us? A direct number to call an expert so they can answer any kind of question you may have.  Take the guess work out of AV systems with your own personal contact and liaison.

We offer products from many vendors and can cater to every budget: from a simple TV setup, to Wi-Fi network, to a fully automated home.  And in today's day and age, an automated home does not have blow out the renovation budget.

Please check our online store for refurbished B&O products and our popular new product.  Also, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.  And if you want to schedule a free consultation, just give us a ring.

Living Room

Home Theaters, Televisions and Speakers

We do it all.  Projectors, Short Throw Projectors, LED, OLED, Outdoor TVs, Motorized Wall Brackets, Motorized Projector Screens, Motorized Projector Lifts, Surround Sound Setups: 5.1, 7.2, Atmos, whatever you are looking for.  Let us recommend setups based on how you live, your decor, and your personality.  We are here to cater to your vision.



Specializing in Sonos, let us take the guess work out of creating a reliable Sonos infrastructure.  From In Walls, Outdoor Speakers, to sound bars.  We believe in the company so much we create our own wall brackets and floor stands for them.  Check out our website for the YN-ONE, YN-1WALL and more to come.

Smart Homes

Have your door unlock automatically when you pull into your driveway with groceries.  Have an all off button right next to your door that lowers all the shades, turns of all the lights, locks all the doors, and even turns off your curling iron. Don't like buttons, just request it via voice control.

Luxurious Home

Structured Wiring

Let us future proof your house with all the cables needed in the right location.  Thinking about motorized shades down the road?  Want to support 8K when the standard is readily adopted?  With us we make sure you are prepared for the future.

Electrical Circuit

Nowadays everything electronic in your home needs a good foundation.  Let us configure a strong backbone for all your connected devices so you have the reliability to control your home remotely or have your Netflix movies streamed with ease.  Having issues with WIFI in your house?  We can fix that.

Electronic Board

Everything Else

- Smart Lighting by Lutron

- Motorized Shades by Lutron

- Smart Door Locks

- Universal Remotes

- Voice Control

- Multi Room Audio

- Smart Thermostats

- Surveillance - NVRs

- Outdoor TVs and Speakers

Pre-Owned Bang & Olufsen

Here is the attention to detail we adhere to when shipping our pre-owned B&O products without original boxes

Bang & Olufsen Installation

Over 30+ years of experience installing Bang & Olufsen.  From MCL, to Masterlink to Network Link we can handle any job big and small.

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