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Universal Speaker Stand

Universal Wooden Speaker Floor Stand

add a little warmth

Featuring the elegant hardwood column, the YN-WOOD can blend in with any décor, infusing the house with warmth and elegance while providing a secure location and an optimal height for listeners.




ynVISION YN-WOOD Universal Floor Stand

  • stand is universal and built for most speakers

  • stands 30.75" tall; top plate measures 7.87" x 7.87"

  • foam pad on top plate: prevents speaker from scratching and holds speaker in place

  • quick and easy install with built in channel for cable management

  • constructed of black metal with walnut wood; 22lb. weight limit per stand

  • weighted base: ensures stability and reduces secondary sound vibrations

  • includes both plastic pads and steel spikes for solid and carpeted floors

  • unbranded for a cleaner look


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