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Home Networking & WiFi

Internet WiFi Improvement

Nowadays everything electronic in your home needs a good foundation.  Let us configure a strong backbone for all your connected devices so you have the reliability to stream Netflix seamlessly and have the ability to control your home remotely with your mobile phone, Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

We can fix and improve your internet and Wi-Fi infrastructure located inside your home.  Have the ability and confidence to access all your media and smart home functionality from all connected devices.


Having issues with Wi-Fi in your backyard?  We can fix that.

High Speed Wi Fi Installations

Let us design and install a powerful WiFi network for you.  We have the expertise and knowledge to re-use existing wires and install an integrated Wi-Fi system.  Have the reliability and speed, of a wired, mesh system.


Or we can run new CAT wire to support future 2.5 gigabit connections.  Move freely throughout the house with high speed multi-gigabit connection.

We can also set up wired access points for your outdoors.  Get full gigabit connection outside.

iPhone WiFi Calling

Wi-Fi Calling

In areas like Short Hills, Millburn, and Summit cell phone coverage can be spotty.  With a stable WiFi connection, poor cell phone reception can be a thing of the past.  Let us fix your weak cell phone reception with a powerful WiFi network.

All you have to do enable WiFi calling on Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile, or whoever your carrier is, and you can use your WiFi network as your cell tower.  You can get rid of your land line for good.

Fix your cell phone reception issues.

Network Pre-Wire

Network pre-wires are essential for future proofing homes.  Add value and utility to your home with a thoughtful plan.

Everything that can be hard-wired should.  A TV on the wall? You should hardwire it.  An access point in a bedroom? You should hardwire it.

Ethernet runs can also repurposed for video, sound, or even motorized shades.

Have a plan in place to take advantage of gigabit speeds.  With 10 gigabit internet around the corner, make sure you run the correct wire for it.

Optical Network Switch
Outdoor WiFi

Outdoor Access Point

Reliable Outdoor Wi-Fi can be achieved with a wired access point.  Stream Netflix with ease to your. outdoor television.  Change your volume or song on your Sonos system in a snap.  Improve your cell phone reception, Ring camera load times, smart doorbell reliability, and create an outdoor smart lighting system all with a reliable network.

Nowadays our connected lives are much more reliant on reliable outdoor WiFi.

A wireless mesh system sometimes will not be enough.  Get professional help to create a seamless network for your whole property, from your front yard, guest house, pool house, to your boat dock.  

eero installations

We love eero devices.  It has the special sauce that makes WiFi reliable and easy.  We set it, you forget it.

eero optimizes its performance based on your network layout, connected devices, and overall network usage. So you get fast speed, efficient coverage, and a reliable connection.


TrueMesh is a patented eero technology that relies on dynamic routing algorithms and real-time data to help avoid drop-offs.

If an eero device drops offline, TrueMesh technology determines the ideal path for wifi traffic among your eero devices, so your signal stays strong.  An eero installation can be one of the best investments for your home.


Brands we like to work with and Sell


Brands We have Worked With

Already have a system purchased?  We can make it work.  Here are some brands we have worked with.  Please give us a call to schedule a free consultation to see what it will take to get you up to speed.  We love to use eero and Luxul access points.  Or pay us a visit at our showroom ​in Millburn, NJ.  We also serve the surrounding areas of Short Hills, Summit, Chatham, Livingston, Berkely Heights, Montclair, Verona, New Providence, West Orange, Westfield, and more. 

  • Orbi / Netgear

  • Linksys

  • Ubiquiti

  • Pakedge

  • Samsung

  • TP-Link

  • Google

  • ASUS

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