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Hear and feel the difference when you add a SUB to your Sonos system.

Experience every rumble, roar, and beat you've been missing with clean, pulse-pounding bass.

Made to be seen and heard, the Sonos SUB features a sculptural shape and high-gloss finish. Stand it upright or lay it on its side.


higher highs

Sonos SUB takes over the lowest frequencies so paired speakers are free to focus on mid-range and high frequencies for a richer, more powerful sound experience all around.


Quickly add Sub to your system over WiFi with a little help from the Sonos app.

Want more power?  Now you can add another Sonos SUB to your setup and experience bass like never before.


A pair of precisely engineered force-canceling drivers in the Sonos SUB eliminate all vibration, buzz and rattle

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