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Up for sale is a pair of Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 8002 in Aluminum and Black Grills.

These are the 8002s so they have ice power amplifiers.  These are hard to find because they were not sold for that long.  These are the same quality amplifiers found in all the new speakers for Bang & Olufsen.  These are on par with the BeoLab 18s.
The biggest difference between the BeoLab 8002s and 8000s is that 8002s have ICE Power amplification.  Any BeoLab 8000 you see does not have ICE POWER amplifiers.
These retailed for about $6000
They sound fantastic and have been tested and verified.
I took pictures of the blemishes to the best of my ability.  The grills have some discoloration, one more than the other.  One grill was exposed to the sun a little more which is why it has more of a dark grey hue on the sides of the grill.  There are also some scratches and tiny nicks.  Other than that they are still in great shape.  Hard to notice blemishes at a normal viewing distance, minus the grills.
You can always buy new black grills from Bang & Olufsen directly.
These speakers will be very well packed.  They come with power cords.
These are 120V
Will ship in two separate boxes, bases are too heavy to put in the main box.

BeoLab 8002

  • - Comes with 3 month limited warranty

    - 14 Day Return Policy

    - 15% restocking fee for returns

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