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Lutron Radio Ra 2 Select

Enjoy personalized smart lighting and shade control for any home, any budget, with RA2 Select. Added convenience. More comfort. Enhanced peace of mind. Staying in control of your home, even when you're not there.

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RA 2 Select Dimmers
and Pico Keypads


Schedule exterior lights to turn on before you walk into your home at the end of your work day.


Then turn on entry lights with the “Home” button to illuminate a path from your front door.

Heading out? The “Away” button ensures you’ll never leave the lights on.


Entertain and relax

Create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining friends with light, shade, and audio control at your fingertips, or watch your favorite movie without glare. Conveniently close shades and turn lights off as the opening credits start to roll.

Lutron Ra 2 Select Components

  • When you choose a RA2 Select system, you’re selecting smart home technology comprised of keypads, light controls, fan controls, temperature controls, appliance controls, and shades. The RA2 Select offering was developed so you can choose the specific components you want in order to create the system that will best suit your lifestyle.

  • The main repeater lets you control your lights and shades from a smartphone or tablet using the free Lutron App. It also enables system integration with other leading brands

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Lutron Motorized Shades New Jersey NJ

Lutron Motorized Shades

  • Automated shades are great for any room in your home, including areas with hard-to-reach  windows, such as foyer windows. They provide privacy when you need it and keep the sun out or let it in, so your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard. Lutron automated shades move quietly, in unison, and are available in three styles with an extensive selection of fabrics.

Welcome Home to Peace of Mind

  • Enjoy your night or morning routine in the perfect light. Allow your eyes to relax in the evening and gradually adjust in the morning.

  • Lights automatically turn off when you leave the room. That way, you’ll never have to worry about accidentally leaving them on. 

  • Use the “Goodnight” button to turn lights off and lower shades in other rooms of your home, from the comfort of your bed. Hear a noise in the night? Turn hallway lights on and raise living room shades with the “Alert” button.  

  • Randomly turns lights on and off in the evening, so it looks like you’re home, even when you’re not.

Radio Ra 3 Home

Create the Perfect Scene

  • Scene keypads are available engraved with common scenes, for typical activities in your home. They automatically configure for the room type and type of fixtures in the room.

  • You can also customize a Pico keypad with scenes you create to suit your lifestyle.  And you can easily change scenes whenever you want.

  • Pico remote controls are great for controlling lights, shades, audio, and fans individually, from anywhere throughout your home.

Lutron Automated Shades

  • Roller shades

    • Roller shades complement both traditional and contemporary designs and are available in different sizes to accommodate the needs of any room.​

  • Honeycomb shades

    • ​Honeycomb shades add luxury to a space with their elegant textures, as well as depth, thanks to their cellular design — which also provides superior insulation.

  • Wood blinds

    • ​Elegant wood blinds provide privacy while allowing natural light to filter into a space. Use Lutron wood blinds to precisely align lift and tilt positions across multiple blinds. Affordable automated tilt with manual lift is also available.

  • Horizontal sheer blinds

    • Horizontal sheer blinds pair the soft elegance of a sheer with the precise control of a blind. Sheer layers also offer privacy, even when vanes are open.​

  • Drapery systems

    • Choose from elegant pinch pleat or ripplefold styles, as well as drapery that moves up from bottom to top.​

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