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Designed by David Lewis

BeoSound 9000 makes a strong statement with your music - but leaves it up to you to decide exactly how.  Music may not be essential to life, but it's hard to live without it. That's why BeoSound 9000 makes such a big thing about bringing your music out into the open and letting you create your own personal jukebox with the music that means the most to you.

It has been refurbished by B&O's NYC service center, which is the main service center in the United States.  The CD Mech was realigned, new belts put in, cleaned, lubricated so it is in tip top shape.
Cosmetically there are a few blemishes.  I took pictures to the best of my ability.  There are some small scratches on the silver metal where the control panel is hidden.  They are very small scratches.  The other noticeable blemishes are scratches on the main glass.  I took a picture of them, but they are hard to capture.  You will notice if the light hits them at a certain angle.
Other than that, this CD player is in great shape.
Does not ship in original packaging because you can no longer order the original box.  However, I have sold a lot of these so I know how to pack these.
There is no remote, antennas, stand, back connection cover plate, or any other accessories included.
Thank you for looking.  Please message me with any questions.


BeoSound 9000 - MK2

$5,500.00 Regular Price
$2,700.00Sale Price
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