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Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 6000 in Aluminum / Black


Up for sale is a fantastic set up BeoLab 6000s - 120V

These have brand new black grills installed.  These grills cost over $300 brand new.
They were tested and verified.
They are in great cosmetic condition.  Grills are flawless since they are new, and its hard to notice any hairline scratches to the silver aluminum.  The most flawed part of the speakers are the bases.  They have a couple nicks and scratches.  I took pictures.
They come with the power cords and will be very well packed.


As easy on the eye as they are on the ear, BeoLab 6000 loudspeakers - designed by David Lewis - defy conventional thinking in delivering the maximum sound from the minimum of space.

There's not much point in thinking about BeoLab 6000 in terms of watts, woofers or tweeters. There has never been loudspeakers that look like this - or so clear and rich a sound produced from such slender cabinets. BeoLab 6000 represents both the engineering skills as well as the design capabilities from Bang & Olufsen.

BeoLab 6000 is probably one of the most famous speakers around today being a part of the standard exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York

BeoLab 6000

  • - Comes with 3 month limited warranty

    - 14 Day Return Policy

    - 15% restocking fee for returns

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