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Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 19 in Silver / Gray.

This has a high serial number so it was produced recently.
Tested and working perfectly via wire and WISA wireless.
Comes with power cord.
In AMAZING condition.  Took pictures of the blemishes to the best of my ability.  Please take a look at pictures 8, 9, 10 & 11.  All hairline scratches that are hard to notice.  One is on the bottom of the sub so you can't even see it when it is standing correctly (Picture 11).   Picture 8 is from one side and picture 9 and 10 are from another side.  Picture 8 is so faint it is hard to make out.  Pictures 9 and 10 are from different distances so you can get a perspective of how hard it is to notice.  Picture 9 has also very faint blemishes on the ring.  Altogether, it is pretty hard to tell there are blemishes.  You really have to look for them very close up and even then hard to tell.  Other than that I can't notice anything else.
Please message us with any questions.  Thanks for looking.


A precision powerhouse

Enhance the mood and depth of a cinematic experience with BeoLab 19’s exceptional bass accuracy.

Performance elegance

BeoLab 19’s distinctive lines and dynamic elegance channel the raw impact of its stunning power.

Wireless simplicity

Find the perfect spot for BeoLab 19 in your home with the freedom of wireless simplicity.

Immaculate Wireless Sound

Bang & Olufsen’s stunning new Immaculate Wireless Sound concept combines design, acoustic technology and unprecedented sound quality. Enjoy groundbreaking wireless stability with sublime, seamless performance.

With Immaculate Wireless Sound, all you need is a single power cable and BeoLab 19 will find and connect to any nearby WiSA-compliant TV or A/V receiver, regardless whether it is Bang & Olufsen or not.

BeoLab 19

  • - Comes with 3 month limited warranty

    - 14 Day Return Policy

    - 15% restocking fee for returns

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