top of page presents a BeoLab 11 in Black.  As you can tell by the serial number, this is more recently manufactured.  This one is in mint condition.  The only imperfection I see is the really small scratch on the top which I took a picture of.   Everything else looks perfect.  You can probably even take a black sharpie to it and it would be invisible.  However, I will leave it up to the person that buys it to make that decision.

Tested and working perfectly.  Beautiful and minimal design.  Part machine, part sculpture.

Comes with power cord.  This will be shipped in original packaging as pictured.  We can set up install in the tri-state area if needed to either a B&O system or third party system.  Please message me with any questions, thank you.

BeoLab 11 - Black

  • Special Order No Returns

    Comes with 3 month Limited Warranty

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